Fountain Main Control Unit

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Fountain Main Control Unit

Musical fountain main control unit which is the most important part of the fountain is composed of one or more series of computer hardware and software programs that are controlled through the computer system.

Software programs are designed and delivered professionally according to the latest technology of the day. These programs are highly capable of controlling the water flows and creating various water forms and motions. The use of fully developed electrical and electronic devices, microprocessors and industrial computers, very high speed, and sustained performance flow are among the characteristics of the company's control systems.
Control systems are designed and implemented so that they display all of their abilities and completely fulfill the beneficiary’s needs.

The company's production control systems are capable of running programs in the following methods:

  1. It has been designed completely professionally through software and pre-designed programs and implemented based on music.
  2. Fountains and water show movements can adapt to live performances such as concerts, festivals and … through computer and live casting systems.
  3. It automatically processes and implements any type of music.
  4. It can control all parts of the musical fountain manually and based on the operator's taste.

The other important characteristics of the company's control plans are the adaptation of software programs to the development and increase of effects in the future without imposing additional costs on the operator.