Dancing musical fountains

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Dancing musical fountains

Dancing musical fountains system is a mixture of water, light and music which makes dramatic and beautiful harmony between water and light and music

performs very enchanting and memorable show and influences the viewer to record memorable memory forever in their minds with the rhythmic movements of the fountains and the lights in harmony with movements of fountains and music. The musical fountains are manifested and hidden like flying saucers in a moment. Water and its states, light and its effects and music are controlled and guided by a professional software so that water flow rate as well as water speed in nozzles and light changes in lamps re coordinated and executed with music based on these changes and once the acoustic frequencies are intensified, the water outflow and change of light are accelerated and once the acoustic frequencies are slowed down, the speed of action decreases.

The sound of music and the effect of color in the water create diversity like a bright and colorful spark in the movement of the waters. The water is fallen in twisty and wavelike form while jumping in harmony with slow music movements, creating an attractive music displays for all ages. The water fallen through engines, the light comes in different colors, a melodious sound is heard, and the colors fly at a moment, talking with you for a long time, and space will be covered with the magic of colors and sounds.