About Us

International Processors of Laser Light and Water Industry Company

The first designer, producer, and executive of musical fountains in Iran

was established in Iran in 2002 to fulfill a part of the urban communities' needs and provide fresh and vibrant spaces, provide innovative recreational and welfare services, create urban attractions based on the modern technologies and improve relations between the city and citizens and imported musical fountains and water show construction and implementation technology to Iran as a pioneer and the first company, and executed the first professional musical fountain in Azadegan park in Tehran.

The company with a qualified and expertise staff and a history of long - term cooperation with several European and European companies and with the latest technologies of the world is ready to provide its services, products, and abilities including recreational and welfare services of musical fountains based on the needs, tastes and cultures of different parts inside and outside the country.

The company personnel’s round-the-clock efforts resulted in the implementation of tens of major national projects in the field of musical fountains.

We hope to enable people to use the beauties and attractions of water show in urban environments by offering our services and products.

Completed Projects

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