Summary of the features of musical Fountain products and equipment
International Processors of Laser Light and Water Industry Company

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1- The company's musical fountains control systems, which are among the most important parts of a fountain, are installed software programs controlled through the central computer system, and all software programs which are produced based on the latest technology in the field of professional musical fountains are prepared and updated by the company's software engineers. The software program of the company is one of the most powerful software musical fountain applications, which have many capabilities to control and direct water flows and create various forms and movements of water.


The main features of the fountains manufactured by this company are as follows:

  • Using fully - developed electric and electronic means
  • Microprocessors and industrial computers
  • Very high speed of computer commands
  • Low sound and stable performance flow
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2- To ensure the buyer's comfort and finally perform a highly professional show, the software and the musical fountains control systems of the company are designed and installed to display its latest operational capabilities based on the buyer or the fountain operator’s needs. Software system and controller are designed such that: - The operator changes fountains' control and movements as it desires at any time based on its need and taste and controls water flow and height in the nozzles and shows the different forms based on its taste. In the above system, all lights are controlled and the intended color is selected by the operator.

  • The water motions show is completely controlled and directed by the central computer and on the software program without the need for the operator's interference and presence. Software programs are directed and made based on the type of music piece.
  • All fountain equipment is controlled and directed by the operator through the computer manually.
  • The water show is fully automatically performed based on live executive programs, including concerts, etc.
  • The system software program allows the operator to coordinate any music with the effects of the system based on his taste and art, and smartly plan show programs for every hour and time during the year.
  • The water show can be controlled and directed as the predefined programs without the operator's interference.
  • It automatically processes and implements any type of music, so that the smart system can recognize music sound, rhythm, tone, and frequency of music pieces and controls the real-time of the whole system, and the matching of water and music altogether.


All electrical and electronic parts used in the control panels are among the most well-known manufacturers of American, European, and Asian electrical and electronic parts.

All computer components are purchased from well-known plants such as SONY, MITSUBISHI, TOSHIBA and ADVANTECH, producers of controllers and industrial micro-controllers.

The controller converters of the submersible pumps used in the control panels are the known European and American brands.

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LED lights are all used as " stainless steel 304 or 316, waterproof and with a voltage of 24 or 12 and with IP68 and different powers. Lights have been designed as monochrome or as original seven colors and LED lamps with a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours which can perform the computer commands in which all safety notes have been observed.

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The nozzles made of stainless steel 304 or 316 with brass alloy and chrome plating and a mixture of other suitable alloys are prepared based on the modern and almost exclusive technology such that they don't abrade over time under high pressure of water jet and the stable water flow is evident in them, beautiful shape of water is kept, it doesn't transform against the sediments in water and cannot precipitate.


The submersible pumps used in the musical fountains system manufactured by this company are presented with the latest European and American construction technology and can be used in the musical fountains so that they can transfer and perform computer commands and pumps can be installed and operated in different directions considering their internal structure. Pumps are made of stainless steel and other alloys and do not precipitate and retain their beautiful shape. Receiving and performing computer digital commands rapidly are among the most important features of these pumps, which make them distinct from other pumps.

The tubes used in the fountains manufactured by this company are stainless steel 304 or 316 or galvanized steel, which by no means sediment, and always retain their beautiful shape.

All underwater junction boxes for lamps and other equipment are made of stainless steel 304 and 316, and other alloys, and are used up to a depth of 6 m and are fully waterproof.

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The electromagnetic valves used in the fountains manufactured by this company are used specifically for the musical fountains and considering the very high abilities of these valves and their sensitivity to the computer digital commands and their high speed, they create different shapes and high diversity of water movements, are distinct from other solenoid valves and are the best option to be used in computer musical fountains. The electromagnetic valves used in the produced fountains are made of stainless steel or brass or other alloys, and don't precipitate and are completely digitally controlled and directed.

The cables used in the fountains manufactured by this company are used specifically in the underwater environment up to a depth of 20 meters and are fully waterproof and all of the world standards conditions are applied for this type of cables.

The filters used for submersible pumps are made of stainless steel 304 or 316.

Three-phase filtration is used for dense fog production nozzles in control panels.

All the parts and bases of the tubes to the floor and base of the lamps and all joints are made of stainless steel 304 and other alloys.

The projectors for a film show and the laser used in the systems presented by the company are manufactured by American, German and Japanese manufacturers and their software programs are the most powerful and most professional programs in the world, which are supplied and delivered by the company along with the systems delivered by the company.

All electronic and mechanical parts of the company's systems are guaranteed by the company since it is installed and operated for one year. (All necessary maintenance and operation manuals are given in writing during delivery).

The after-sales services and the required parts and equipment are then guaranteed by the company for five years.

Two technical employees are trained to maintain and operate the musical fountain system so that they can control the fountain and other systems manufactured by the company easily and without mental disturbance at any time.

If the operator agrees, the services should be performed by the technical staff of the company through a separate contract.

If a potential technical failure arises, the company’s representative will attend the site within 48 hours, as notified by the Buyer.

Calculations of the required water and power and the space required for the electronic boards and the route of pipes, channels and the earth well are determined at the time of design and announced to the buyer.

If the musical fountain system of this company is used, the favorite music of the buyer will be directed and delivered free of charge for at least twenty minutes.

All systems presented by the company including Dancing musical fountains, dense fog, water curtain film show, laser show, firework in the water, water bombs, nozzles, lamps, solenoid valves, pumps and electronic and computer system, system central control considering the type of design and structural technology and quality of their equipment are less depreciable and the whole system has long durability.