Musical Interactive Fountains

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Musical Interactive Fountains

Musical interactive fountains designed by Light and Water Laser Industry Processors International Company can be executed and operated at any size.  These fountains are executed based on the dry space where fountains erupt out of the ground as a hot spring and can respond to sound or noise, pressure or as the predefined software programs.

Dancing and movements of water and different shapes of water which jet out of the dry unexpectedly and unpredictably and can accompany the music, convey a sort of water play which creates special anxiety and attraction for the visitors and leads the adults and children to laugh, rejoice and enjoy the water and closely communicate with each other. This attraction is different in the hot season.

The light and music composition matching with it and its performance at night add to the beauties and attractions of these fountains. When the interactive musical fountains are shut down, space can be used for pedestrian crossings or other cases.

Special and professional design and using suitable and standard equipment and way of installing these fountains should be done based on engineering and professional method and are part of the executive priorities of such fountains.