Submersible pump

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Submersible pump

One of the other important components of the fountains is advanced submersible electro pumps which play the main and important role of the fountain.

Submersible electro pumps used in the produced fountains of this company are the most advanced and the latest technology and modern achievements in the world and are used mostly in the fountains and particularly musical fountains and are the known developers in the world.

These electro pumps have a special response and ability to receive computer commands and can easily be installed in different directions and at any angle considering the internal structure and optimized parts of the internal components. Their proper size occupies a very small space of the fountain, and this makes a great contribution to the beauty of fountain design. Electropumps are made of stainless steel and are not sedimented and there is no corrosion in the hardest and heaviest water, and High Saline Water and always maintains its beautiful shape. The high power and water yield, small size, rapid cooling, rapid response to computer commands, low depreciation, and long life are characteristics of these electro pumps, which distinguish them from other electro pumps.